Friday, November 12, 2010

Gameela's biography (English)

Gameela Ismail is an Egyptian woman and mother. Gameela has dedicated herself to defending the rights of all Egyptians and stands firm against corruption and injustice through her involvement in the media and her political activities.

Gameela was born in 1966 in Champollion, in the Qasr El-Nil district of Cairo. She graduated from El Gezira language school in Zamalek, where she lives now. Just minutes away is the Radio and Television building, where Gameela is employed, near Talaat Harb and downtown. Both areas are part of Cairo’s Qasr el-Nil district, where Gameela’s political activity takes place.

Gameela graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University in 1986, and obtained a diploma in Interpretation from the American University in Cairo. She chose to work with the press, and devoted herself to expressing the lives, pain and dreams of everyday Egyptians through her work as a program presenter on Egyptian television. Gameela used the street as her studio, and proved her capability to handle this type of program.

In 1994, Gameela started working in public service through an NGO in downtown Cairo. She was honored several times by the people of the districts she worked in, including Aldarb-Alahmar, Almouskey, Algamaliya, Bab-Al-Shieriya, Alzaher and Mansheyet-Naser, for her sincere efforts in providing the people with housing, medical treatment and educational services over the next ten years.

In 2001, Gameela ran for Shura Council amid strong public support from the people in her district, who recognized her dedication and ability to provide real services. Gameela challenged Mohamed Ragab, Majority Leader of the ruling National Democratic Party.

In 2005, Gameela co-founded Al-Ghad Party and managed the media campaign for the party's candidate in the 2005 Presidential election.

From 2004 until 2010, Gameela has participated in the national struggle for the release of opinion prisoners held in Egyptian jails. She has participated in campaigns for change in Egypt, including tackling corruption, monopoly, and tyranny and defending freedom of expression. Gameela has become an active member in most of the movements and protests calling for change in Egypt.

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